Your rights if made redundant

Redundancy – there is a lot of it about. If you or someone you know is being made redundant, it is important to understand your rights. Here is a summary giving you some brief information about the process and how it should be handled by your employer - Your rights if made redundant

CLAssociates can help you if you have been made redundant. We can help you:-

  • deal with the financial implications of you losing your job
  • come to terms with the emotional fall-out of your situation
  • work out what you would like to do next
  • up-date your CV
  • identify transferable skills
  • carry-out job searches
  • prepare you for interviews

Contact us at to find out more.

This post was written by Charlie Damonsing of CLAssociates. CLAssociates specialises in helping businesses manage stress in the workplace and providing redundancy support. Consultancy, training and 1-2-1 support. For further details please contact Charlie on 0771 559 6487.

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