Stress Management – What is Stopping You?

There are things that you want to do, both at home and in your working life, you know what they are, but somehow you don’t get to do them. Why is that? You may not know where to start, not have the resources, not have the time or support from others. Now these may be legitimate reasons for lack of progress and results, but they may also be excuses. People can make excuses so convincingly, that even they believe they are true!

Let’s find out what is stopping you and what you can do about it.

At home, for a week write down 14 things that are bugging you. These are things which irritate (untidy rooms, outstanding letters, clutter, overloaded wardrobe etc), annoy (electrical gadgets which no longer work, fixtures which are not fixed etc) and aggravate you (“I must sort that out”, “I must clear that up”, “I must arrange for that to be done”). You get the picture. Once you have spent a week noticing what the voice inside your head is saying to you and you have 14 things to do – DO THEM! Sort out, clear up, deal with 2 things a day for a week and you will find you have a great sense of achievement, and less things getting in your way.

At work during the following week (flush with success from your new approach at home), write down all the things that are stopping you from doing your job to the best of your ability. Have a look at the following:-

  • What is it that you require from your team/other departments/suppliers and what is it that you actually receive?
  • What processes are not being carried out properly and where are the blockages?
  • Where is there lack of communication or lack of understanding of individual roles?
  • Do you have all the resources that you need? Enough staff/ time/technology/clarity of expectations of you/training/ knowledge/confidence?

Initially, don’t try and fix things, just notice what is going on for a week.

Once you have a list of things which are getting in your way, the key is to take action to sort them out.

  • What could you do about each point? Think of three ways that you could deal with each.
  • Is a resolution within your control or do you need to speak to others?
  • Do you need authorisation from a manager to make changes?
  • Do you need to invest money, how are you going to decide how best to do this?

Take this opportunity to step back and look at what is going on around you. Once you start to make changes, then you will be amazed at the results which follow.

This post was written by Charlie Damonsing of CLAssociates. CLAssociates specialises in helping businesses manage stress in the workplace, providing consultancy, training and 1-2-1 support. For further details please contact Charlie on 0771 559 6487.