What Clients Say

Please see below some testimonials I have from clients I have worked with over the past few years. I would be happy for you to talk to my clients to get some insight into how I work:-

Building Resilience Programme, March – May 2014

“Charlie quickly won the confidence of those taking her programme.  Her sessions are nicely planned and paced, and contain both quick-fixes, sensible protocols as well as excellent guiding principles.” Harry Young, General Manager and Interim Chief Executive, Aldeburgh Music

Taking the Stress Out of E-mail Workshop – July 2013:-

Video – Taking the Stress Out of E-mail -see some video feedback on the Workshop

Thanks for a helpful + much needed workshop – I’m loving my new look inbox! Just need 2 get rid of some folders….. Alison Darrington, Darrington Training

Oh hooray, my inbox is empty! Thanks for very useful workshop, I feel much lighter now. Great but simple workshop in ‘Taking the stress out of emails’, I am able to easily manage my emails now without the worry of being drowned by the daily deluge and missing the important emails. Thanks Charlie, Tracy Healey, Marketing Manager, Ryan Insurance Group

It was a great session, thanks so much. And I still have zero in my inbox! The fact is I did think your course was a revelation – it does just what it says on the tin! Suzy Powling, Writer, Editor, Proofreader, Saxmundham

Charlie has just changed my life! Her workshop on ‘Taking the Stress Out of Emails’ is an absolute must for anyone who receives lots of emails every day. There is light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s not an oncoming train! James Davey, Assist with Solutions, Business Growth Coach

Good workshop, all @’s in use, feels weird not having anything in the inbox. William Notcutt, William Notcutt Estates

Building Resilience for Managers Course, London – March 2013:-

“Shining a light on some of the things I “knew” but needed to consider again”
“Time out to consider important “soft” issues”
“How to notice stress in staff and in one’s self”
“Able to refresh my own leadership qualities”
“Being able to talk about a current situation and solution”
“Talking to colleagues about the best way to approach certain situations”
“Being given time to consider my stress and that of my team and how I should respond”
“Time to pause and make me realise what I am doing to myself and my team”

The Productive Manager Programme – March 2013:-

“My meeting with Charlie helped me organise my day more effectively. I have a better understanding of how to separate jobs that need to be done today and those that are projects. It helped to sit down and talk about my days as it became more apparent how cluttered my mind was before Charlie’s ideas were put into action.

I’m finding my days have become more productive and less stressful.” Chris Beckett, AK Precision Ltd

Stress Workshop – East Anglian IOSH group – July 2011:-

“Very interesting and enjoyable”
“Very knowledgeable”
“Given me a lot of knowledge”
“Thought provoking content”
“Excellent clarity”
“Nice not to have Powerpoint”
“Great to have interactive workshop”
“Good session, with good delegate participation”

It was fantastic. Just what we wanted. Had some great feedback .. .” Barbara Back, East Anglian co-ordinator for IOSH, July 2011

“I really enjoyed the meeting and you made what seems to be a notoriously dull subject very interesting”. Peter Edwards, Clays Ltd, Bungay, Suffolk (talking about a presentation Charlie did on stress management!), February 2011