Stress Management

9 Ways to be More Effective at Work – TODAY!

  1. Clarity – be very clear about what you are trying to achieve. If you are not clear, ask your boss, partner, board, clients, customers etc. Make sure you know exactly what is expected of you. This way you will avoid spending time on tasks which are unnecessary
  2. Prioritising – know what three things you absolutely want to achieve each day. Anything else you get through is a bonus, but at least your most important tasks will have been completed
  3. Distractions – be aware of distractions and deal with them. You know that you spend too much time on e-mails/internet browsing/chatting/ doing things for other people. Recognise the time wasters in your day and cut them out.
  4. Say No - learn to say NO to people. There is an art in a clear “No. I am sorry that I can’t do that for you”. If you can’t quite manage a “No”, how about saying “Not now.”?
  5. Systems – everyone’s job has an element of repetition. Set up systems and procedures to make these tasks as easy as possible. Put all your receipts into an envelope in the top drawer of your desk every day and do your expenses each Friday straight after lunch. Create a system and set aside the time so that these administrative tasks don’t get left to one side and become huge, time consuming jobs when you eventually get round to them
  6. Review your task list – is everything you do really necessary? Take a step back and look at everything you do on a weekly basis. Are there better ways of doing things, could some tasks be dropped altogether, could two tasks be combined? Be honest
  7. Delegation – is there anything on your task list which could be delegated to someone else? Look at other members of your team, is anyone underutilised or looking for a step-up? Are there projects you could give to someone else? Again be honest, do you have to do everything yourself, or can you use the resources around you of staff and colleagues, or maybe a sub-contractor or outside agency?
  8. Throw things away. Look at the physical environment that you work in. Could this be improved in any way? Is there clutter on your desk, piles of paper which you always mean to read but never get round to? Have a big purge with your new, clear focused approach, and throw away things which are getting in the way. Be ruthless
  9. Resources – do you have everything you need or is a lack of resources standing in your way? Examine the computer systems you use, the people in your team, your training and knowledge. Do you have enough time, or are you trying to achieve too much in the time allocated? Is there anything which would help you improve? Is there any shortage of resources which is getting in your way? Make a list of what you need, take steps to ensure that a lack of resources is not restricting you