Taking the Stress out of E-mail

This workshop is for everyone who deals with e-mails as part of their daily life. The workshop is 3 hours.

Aims of the Workshop:-

  • Stop the e-mail overwhelm
  • Never miss an important e-mail again
  • Reduce time spent on dealing with e-mails – everyday
  • Get in-box to zero
  • Reduce volume of in-coming e-mails
  • Develop own individual system to keep on top going forward

Delegates will learn how to:-

  • Deal with in-coming e-mails efficiently
  • Structure folders to find e-mails more quickly
  • Use automation tricks to save time
  • Know which tasks to do and when
  • Keep on top of their most important projects
  • Recognise common time-consuming traps and how to avoid them
  • Create mind-set to make the necessary changes

Structure of Workshop:-

  • Maximum of six in a group ensuring plenty of individual attention
  • Delegates bring their computer/e-mail devise for a hands-on, practical experience
  • Each delegate will go away with their own system and action plan

For more details of the workshop or to discuss how this can benefit the managers and staff in your business, please call Charlie Hill on 0771 559 6487 or e-mail charlie@classociates.org.uk