Quiz – how much do you know about stress in the workplace?

Here is a quick quiz to test your basic knowledge about stress in the workplace:-

1. What is the Health and Safety Executive’s definition of stress?

a)      An illness caused by inappropriate workplace conditions

b)      There is no definition of “stress”

c)      The adverse reaction people have to excessive pressure or types of demand placed upon them

2. According to the CIPD & Simply Health 2011 survey, what is the number one cause of long term absence in UK organisations (manual and non-manual workers)? (Long term = greater than 4 weeks)

a)      Back pain

b)      Stress

c)      Acute medical conditions (for example stroke, heart attack and cancer)

3. According to MIND 2011 figures, what is the average cost of sickness absence?

a)      £732 per employee per year

b)      £906 per employee per year

c)      £1,035 per employee per year

4. What was the average number of sickness absence days in the public and private sector in 2010 according to Simply Health?

a)     9.6 days public sector, 6.6 days private sector

b)     6.3 days public sector, 4.5 days private sector

c)     4.2 days public sector, 2.1 days private sector

5. What is presenteeism?

a)      the number of days an employee is present at work in the year

b)      employees who are suffering from the effects of work related stress but remain at work

c)      attendance reward programmes

6. Which of these could be an indicator that someone is suffering from stress?

a)      Being much quieter than usual

b)      Off frequently with “minor ailments” colds, stomach upsets, migraines

c)      Expressing feelings of being overwhelmed

7. Who has the legal responsibility for managing stress at work?

a)      The Human Resources and Health and Safety managers

b)      All line managers

c)      Employees are responsible for their own health and well-being

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